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Top 10 Biggest Sixes in Cricket of All Time

chris gayle scores biggest sixes in cricket

Scoring Fours and Sixes is a Part of the Cricket but Here on this article We share with you a player list who score Biggest Sixes in Cricket history in terms of area he covered.

  1. Albert Trot (Biggest Six 160+ Meters)
  2. Shahid Afridi (Biggest Six 158 Meters)
  3. Brett Lee (Biggest Six 135 Meters)
  4. Jacob Oram (Biggest Six 130 Meters)
  5. Yuvraj Sing (Biggest Six 125 Meters)
  6. Mark Vaugh (Biggest Six 120 Meters)
  7. M S Dhoni (Biggest Six 118 Meters)
  8. Shahid Afridi (Biggest Six 117 Meters)
  9. Chris Gayle (Biggest Six 116 Meters)
  10. Ijaz Ahmed (Biggest Six 115 Meters)

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