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Gallagher Premiership 2022-23 Schedule, Live Stream Guide

Gallagher Premiership live stream online guide

Upcoming 36th Edition of the Top flight of English domestic rugby union competition of Gallagher Premiership which to be schedule to starts from the 9th September 2022. Check out here the complete guide on How to Watch 2022-23 Gallagher Premiership Live Stream, Fixtures of the tournament along with Latest News.

Leicester Tigers who are the reigning champions of the tournament after beating saracens with 15-12 score in the previous season final at Twickenham. This will be his 11th title of the events.

Total 13 Teams who are participate in the 2022–23 Premiership Rugby events and tournaments to be play between 9 September 2022 – 27 May 2023.

Quick Guide to Watch Online

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  • Go to UK server and visit BT Sport
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Official TV Broadcaster

BT Sport Which is the Gallagher Premiership’s main broadcasters. If you don’t have a subscription to BT Sport but want to watch Premiership matches, you can get a contract-free monthly pass here.BT sport only access if you are from UK as its geo restricted but don’t worry by following the above VPN Method you can easily enjoy the Gallagher Premiership via BT sport.


Kick-offs UK & Ireland time. Fixtures subject to change.

Round 1

Fri 9 Sept Bristol v Bath (7.45pm, live on BT Sport)

Fri 9 Sept Sale v Northampton (7.45pm)

Sat 10 Sept Exeter v Leicester (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 10 Sept London Irish v Worcester (3pm)

Sat 10 Sept Newcastle v Harlequins (3pm)

Sun 11 Sept Gloucester v Wasps (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Round 2

Fri 16 Sept Northampton v London Irish (7.45pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 17 Sept Bath v Sale (3pm)

Sat 17 Sept Harlequins v Saracens (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 17 Sept Leicester v Newcastle (3pm)

Sat 17 Sept Wasps v Bristol (3pm)

Sun 18 Sept Worcester v Exeter (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Round 3

Fri 23 Sept Bath v Wasps (7.45pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 24 Sept Bristol v London Irish (3pm)

Sat 24 Sept Northampton v Leicester (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 24 Sept Saracens v Gloucester (3pm)

Sat 24 Sept Worcester v Newcastle (3pm)

Sun 25 Sept Exeter v Harlequins (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Round 4

Fri 30 Sept Newcastle v Bristol (7.45pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 1 Oct Gloucester v Worcester (3pm)

Sat 1 Oct London Irish v Bath (3pm)

Sat 1 Oct Sale v Exeter (3pm)

Sat 1 Oct Saracens v Leicester (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sun 2 Oct Harlequins v Northampton (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Round 5

Fri 7 Oct Bristol v Exeter (7.45pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 8 Oct Bath v Gloucester (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 8 Oct Leicester v Sale (3pm)

Sat 8 Oct Worcester v Harlequins (3pm)

Sun 9 Oct Newcastle v Saracens (3pm)

Sun 9 Oct Wasps v Northampton (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Round 6

Fri 14 Oct Sale v London Irish (7.45pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 15 Oct Exeter v Wasps (3pm)

Sat 15 Oct Gloucester v Bristol (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 15 Oct Northampton v Newcastle (3pm)

Sat 15 Oct Saracens v Bath (3pm)

Sun 16 Oct Harlequins v Leicester (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Round 7

Fri 21 Oct London Irish v Gloucester (7.45pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 22 Oct Bath v Northampton (3pm)

Sat 22 Oct Bristol v Worcester (3pm)

Sat 22 Oct Exeter v Saracens (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sun 23 Oct Leicester v Wasps (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sun 23 Oct Sale v Harlequins (3pm)

Round 8

Fri 28 Oct Gloucester v Exeter (7.45pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 29 Oct Harlequins v London Irish (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 29 Oct Northampton v Bristol (3pm)

Sat 29 Oct Worcester v Bath (3pm)

Sun 30 Oct Saracens v Sale (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sun 30 Oct Wasps v Newcastle (3pm)

Round 9

Fri 4 Nov Northampton v Exeter (7.45pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 5 Nov Sale v Gloucester (1pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 5 Nov Leicester v Worcester (3pm)

Sat 5 Nov London Irish v Wasps (3pm)

Sat 5 Nov Newcastle v Bath (3pm)

Sat 5 Nov Bristol v Saracens (5pm)

Round 10

Fri 11 Nov Bath v Leicester (7.45pm, live on BT Sport)

Sat 12 Nov Gloucester v Newcastle (3pm)

Sat 12 Nov Worcester v Sale (3pm)

Sat 12 Nov Exeter v London Irish (5pm)

Sun 13 Nov Saracens v Northampton (3pm, live on BT Sport)

Sun 13 Nov Wasps v Harlequins (5pm)

Round 11

25-27 Nov Harlequins v Gloucester

25-27 Nov Leicester v London Irish

25-27 Nov Newcastle v Exeter

25-27 Nov Northampton v Worcester

25-27 Nov Sale v Bristol

25-27 Nov Saracens v Wasps

Round 12

2-4 Dec Bath v Harlequins

2-4 Dec Bristol v Leicester

2-4 Dec Gloucester v Northampton

2-4 Dec London Irish v Newcastle

2-4 Dec Wasps v Sale

2-4 Dec Worcester v Saracens

Round 13

23-26 Dec Exeter v Bath

23-26 Dec Harlequins v Bristol

23-26 Dec Leicester v Gloucester

23-26 Dec London Irish v Saracens

23-26 Dec Newcastle v Sale

23-26 Dec Wasps v Worcester

Round 14

30 Dec-1 Jan Bath v Newcastle

30 Dec-1 Jan Bristol v Wasps

30 Dec-1 Jan Northampton v Harlequins

30 Dec-1 Jan Sale v Leicester

30 Dec-1 Jan Saracens v Exeter

30 Dec-1 Jan Worcester v London Irish

Round 15

6-8 Jan Exeter v Worcester

6-8 Jan Gloucester v Bath

6-8 Jan Harlequins v Wasps

6-8 Jan Leicester v Northampton

6-8 Jan London Irish v Bristol

6-8 Jan Saracens v Newcastle

Round 16

27-29 Jan Bath v Saracens

27-29 Jan Exeter v Gloucester

27-29 Jan Harlequins v Sale

27-29 Jan Newcastle v Northampton

27-29 Jan Wasps v London Irish

27-29 Jan Worcester v Leicester

Round 17

3-5 Feb Bristol v Newcastle

3-5 Feb Gloucester v London Irish

3-5 Feb Leicester v Harlequins

3-5 Feb Northampton v Bath

3-5 Feb Sale v Worcester

3-5 Feb Wasps v Exeter

Round 18

10-12 Feb Bath v Exeter

10-12 Feb London Irish v Sale

10-12 Feb Newcastle v Leicester

10-12 Feb Northampton v Gloucester

10-12 Feb Saracens v Bristol

10-12 Feb Worcester v Wasps

Round 19

17-19 Feb Exeter v Sale

17-19 Feb Gloucester v Saracens

17-19 Feb Harlequins v Newcastle

17-19 Feb Leicester v Bristol

17-19 Feb Wasps v Bath

17-19 Feb Worcester v Northampton

Round 20

3-5 Mar Bath v London Irish

3-5 Mar Bristol v Northampton

3-5 Mar Harlequins v Worcester

3-5 Mar Leicester v Exeter

3-5 Mar Newcastle v Gloucester

3-5 Mar Sale v Saracens

Round 21

10-12 Mar Exeter v Bristol

10-12 Mar Gloucester v Harlequins

10-12 Mar London Irish v Leicester

10-12 Mar Northampton v Wasps

10-12 Mar Sale v Bath

10-12 Mar Saracens v Worcester

Round 22

17-19 Mar Bristol v Sale

17-19 Mar Harlequins v Exeter

17-19 Mar Leicester v Bath

17-19 Mar Newcastle v London Irish

17-19 Mar Wasps v Saracens

17-19 Mar Worcester v Gloucester

Round 23

24-26 Mar Bath v Bristol

24-26 Mar Exeter v Newcastle

24-26 Mar Gloucester v Leicester

24-26 Mar London Irish v Northampton

24-26 Mar Sale v Wasps

24-26 Mar Saracens v Harlequins

Round 24

14-16 Apr Bristol v Harlequins

14-16 Apr Leicester v Saracens

14-16 Apr London Irish v Exeter

14-16 Apr Newcastle v Worcester

14-16 Apr Northampton v Sale

14-16 Apr Wasps v Gloucester

Round 25

21-23 Apr Exeter v Northampton

21-23 Apr Gloucester v Sale

21-23 Apr Harlequins v Bath

21-23 Apr Newcastle v Wasps

21-23 Apr Saracens v London Irish

21-23 Apr Worcester v Bristol

Round 26

5-7 May Bath v Worcester

5-7 May Bristol v Gloucester

5-7 May London Irish v Harlequins

5-7 May Northampton v Saracens

5-7 May Sale v Newcastle

5-7 May Wasps v Leicester


12-14 May (live on BT Sport)


Sat 27 May (Twickenham, live on ITV & BT Sport)

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