The Best Language Football Podcasts to Help You Learn English

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Learning English is not easy, yet it doesn’t mean you have to give up! If you wish to go beyond the odd dialogues in the textbooks or basic flashcards that teach you how to book a room at the hotel, get through the subway challenges, or order a cup of coffee somewhere in London, it can be difficult to stay inspired. Now, if you belong to global football fans from a non-English speaking land, there are also secret tricks to make your English studies more fun and inspiring. One of the best solutions is the selection of football podcasts online that can help you learn English, stay aware of all the latest news, and meet new friends worldwide. 

Language Football Podcasts That Help You Learn English

Learning English Through Football

It’s one of the best English language learning podcasts that are all about football. They have new shows every week, so you do not have to learn at a crazy pace, which is always a good thing! There is fantastic vocabulary support and ways to repeat things that have been learned during the previous episodes. You will always learn all the latest news and find out more about English culture. Since it’s free and hosted by professional educators, it’s hard to find any better solution for complete beginners that live football! 

Zdenek’s English Podcast

It’s a great weekly podcast show that focuses on football through the lens of listening. The best part about it is that it also provides detailed reviews of the Premier League games. It’s a great bonus as you also stay aware of all the latest news and can make sense of what’s being said. Of course, the writing part and the grammar are not handled, so it might not assist you with your English school tasks. Still, you may buy custom research paper and talk to an expert who can correct all your English grammar and spelling mistakes or assist you with readability and formatting. In either case, Zdenek does a great job of teaching you to listen and recognize words as the speaking speed and repetition do their trick! 

The Gary Neville Podcast

Who knows football and English better than the legendary Gary Neville of Manchester United fame? This weekly podcast show is truly unique as it provides helpful game reviews. It is hosted by Sky Sports and has various options for English learners. Some of them include on-screen language captures and the text transcription of the show. 

Always Cheating: A Fantasy Premier League Podcast

Some of us prefer to learn English by going beyond the usual football matches on TV or in person. If you are into Fantasy Premier League as well, this famous podcast is the way to go. Hosted by Josh Landon and his always-friendly and fun companion Brandon Kelley, it’s also a great community and a way to learn football strategic thinking. This way, you can use newly gained skills as you play. Make sure that your console has a native interface, or consider localization services as you communicate with fellow players worldwide or explore all the community benefits of podcasting. 

Learn English with the British Council and Premier League

Also known as Premier Skills English, it’s a great project offered by the British Council and the best analysts of the English Premier League. They also have a great website that publishes special tests and lessons for those who know the campaign codes from the podcast sessions. These are constantly repeated, so the chances are high that you will get to learn them and enjoy various learning benefits. The podcast makes learning grammar interesting as they offer actual examples and keep the listeners inspired, as there are celebrity guest lecturers and even football players chiming in! 

Combine Podcasts and Social Media Platforms! 

One of the most challenging aspects of learning English is limiting yourself to listening only or focusing on grammar rules without allocating at least an hour for practical tasks. When you are exploring the benefits of podcasts online, do not forget that many of the channels also provide you with social media campaigns and relevant ways of communication. Do not be afraid to ask questions and participate in post comments and live streams by typing something or asking it via an audio chat feature. This way, you will be able to work on your pronunciation and stay aware of football news as you discuss things and become a part of the English-speaking community. 


Ewan Jennings never misses an opportunity to watch football and listen to podcasts. As an educator and researcher, he is constantly exploring various podcasts and innovative methods to make learning accessible. Follow Ewan to take your studies further and find inspiration as you learn. 

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