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5 Free Boxing Podcasts for Foreign Language Learners

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Whether you’re learning to box or mastering a new language, listening to a boxing podcast hosted by skilled boxing experts can help you in a number of ways. Boxing podcasts go into the depth of the sport, trying to understand the intricacies of the activity as well as its fundamental history along with the expertise of each professional player. While some boxing podcasts accept submissions from audiences and listeners, others are more limited to capturing a conversation between the hosts or the singular host speaking to the listener directly. Either way, podcasts are an enjoyable way of learning more about a sport and practicing a new language. Listening to a podcast in a new language can be greatly enjoyable for numerous reasons. Here are the top 5 free boxing podcasts for foreign language learners.

A Los Golpes

Hosted by the legendary Bernardo Osuna, an Emmy-winning boxing reporter for ESPN, A Los Golpes explores the world of boxing through different podcast episodes. Each episode talks about one big event in the boxing world or one professional boxer and outlines the necessary information after going into a deeper analysis by Bernardo and a second host, usually a guest host who is also in the world of boxing. For anyone interested in learning Spanish by listening to boxing podcasts, A Los Golpes is an incredible option as it not only covers a variety of topics in boxing but does it all in the Spanish language. Listeners can plug in and carefully observe the language patterns and add subtitles so that it is easier to grasp in the beginning. Over time, they will not need subtitles or translations.

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Boxing Hindi

Run by a passionate boxing enthusiast and hosted on Apple Podcasts, Boxing Hindi is a great option for individuals looking to get into the sport and learn Hindi at the same time. Most of the episodes on this podcast revolve around legendary boxers who have created a mark for themselves in the world of boxing with their pro boxing skills. Some of the sports persons Boxing Hindi has talked about are:

  • Manny Pacquiao;
  • Amir Khan;
  • Lovlina Borgohain;
  • Khabib;
  • Ryan Garcia; and more

This podcast is a great option for beginners in Hindi as the host speaks in a simple language without technical or difficult words, making it suitable even for those who do not have a great grasp of the language.

UFC Pre-Fight Podcast

Hosted by Sriharsha, UFC Pre-Fight Podcast is a dual-language sports podcast hosted in both English and Hindi. The host is a boxing enthusiast who talks about different UFC fights a day before the actual match, highlighting the strengths of each contestant, their weaknesses, their predictions, the skills a fighter should have, and most importantly, their top pick for the winner of the match. This premise makes the podcast a very interesting and engaging listen, especially for those looking to learn Hindi. The language level is quite basic and can be understood by basic Hindi speakers without any translation or subtitling. There are new episodes of the UFC Pre-Fight Podcast every couple of weeks during a busy game schedule, and it can be streamed on Spotify. 

The Mo Show Podcast

Hosted by Mo Show, who has 50k subscribers on YouTube, this video podcast is yet another multilingual medium that is hosted in Arabic in English. In one of its most listened-to episodes, the host talked to Saudi Arabia’s boxing champion Ziyad Al Maayouf who represented the Arab world on an international platform through his passion for boxing. The two talk about the professional’s debut, a missed-out Olympic opportunity, and numerous sacrifices made by the boxer who fans lovingly address as “Zizo”. The player also talked about weight loss, diets, physical injuries, training, and more. This podcast is a very inspirational and motivating listen, especially for those looking to enter the world of boxing and learn Arabic.

The Boxing Podcast

Hosted by Steve Lillis and Dev Sahni, The Boxing Podcast is an English-language podcast that delves into the world of boxing and talks about different areas. This is the best boxing podcast for English beginners, as the language is simple and easy to understand. In the sports podcast, Dev and Steve talk about different heavyweight players, boxing matches, news in the boxing world, and more.

To Conclude

There are a wide variety of options for podcast enjoyers who would like to learn about boxing. The best foreign language options are the ones we have mentioned above. Figure out which language you want to learn and pick the best podcast that will aid you in your journey. 

Author’s Bio – Ewan Jennings

Ewan Jennings is an ex-boxer with a passion for writing. He likes to share his experiences as a boxer. In Ewan’s articles, he highlights industry facts and shares personal and professional stories and anecdotes from his boxing career. Besides boxing, Ewan loves tracking and biking.

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