OSN Broadcast Cricket World cup Live in UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia & Mena Countries

One of the Leading sports channel of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Contries of Orbit showtime Network – OSN Who Broadcast the Live Telecast of the 50 over ODI Cricket World cup 2019 Tournament which begin from the 30th May While Warm up Fixtures begin from the 24th May.

Gala Events of the Year CWC 2019 is around to kick off. So many cricket fans are searching about how to watch Cricket world cup Live in UAE, Saudi Arabia ETC Mena Countries. AS per News OSN who is officially broadcast all the 48 Matches of the world cup to MENA countries.

OSN Sports network broadcasting the World cup live in Mena countries

So Matches of ICC world cup 2019 Live in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Qatar, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tunasia, UAE Including Dubai and Sharjah on OSN Channel.

Online Website Users of UAE, Sharjah, Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc Mena Countries have to go OSN.com/play as well as on Wavo.com and Enjoy the uninturrupted Live streaming of Cricket world cup 2019 Matches While Mobile Users have to download its official apps of OSN Play and Wavo.

OSN – Orbit Showtime Network Wiki

As per Wiki, Orbit Showtime Network (OSN, stylized as “osn”) is a direct-broadcast satellite provider serving the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). It offers popular entertainment content such as movies, sporting events and various TV shows from major networks and studios such as Warner Bros., Paramount, HBO, Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM, Universal, ESPN and DreamWorks.in addition to local versions specifically for the MENA region. As of 2015 OSN offers 154 television channels and 53 high-definition channels and 3D entertainment. OSN was formed as a result of merger of two of the Mideast’s largest TV networks, Orbit and Showtime Arabia in 2009.

OSN recently introduced several technologies and services in the Middle East market. In 2012 the OSN DVR HD was launched. OSN Play, an online TV platform; Plus HD, a 3D, HD, internet-enabled satellite receiver and recorder and OSN on Demand, the region’s first VOD service were all launched in the same year.

OSN Sports Channel List

  • Abu Dhabi Sports 1 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 2 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 3 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 4 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 5 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 6 HD
  • Abu Dhabi Sports 7 HD
  • Edge Sport HD
  • YAS Sports HD
  • MBC Pro Sports 1 HD
  • MBC Pro Sports 2 HD
  • MBC Pro Sports 3 HD
  • Bro
  • Fox Sports
  • Dubai Sports HD
  • Dubai Sports 4 HD
  • Dubai Sports 5 HD
  • Bahrain Sports
  • Fuel TV
  • ART Prime Sport
  • ART Al Zaeem
  • ART Al Ameed
  • ART Sports 1
  • ART Sports 2
  • ART Sports 3
  • ART Sports 4
  • ART Sports 5
  • ART Sports 6
  • ART Sports 7
  • ART Sports 8
  • ART Sports 9
  • KTV Sport HD
  • KTV Sport Plus HD
  • ShowSports 1
  • ShowSports 2
  • ShowSports 3
  • ShowSports 4
  • OSN Fight Network HD
  • OSN Sports 1 HD
  • OSN Sports 2 HD
  • OSN Sports 3 HD
  • OSN Sports 4 HD
  • OSN Sports Cricket HD
  • OSN WWE Network HD
  • OSN Cric
  • TEN Cricket

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