How to Watch Cricket World Cup 2023 Live in USA – Willow, Fubo, Sling TV

Cricket fans, get ready to witness the thrill and excitement of the Cricket World Cup 2023! As cricket fever sweeps across the globe, you might be wondering how you can catch all the live action right here in the USA. Well, fret not! In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some popular streaming options that will keep you glued to your screens as your favorite teams battle it out for glory. So grab your snacks, find a comfy spot on the couch, and let’s dive into how you can watch Cricket World Cup 2023 live in the USA!

Willow TV

Willow TV is a popular streaming service that allows cricket fans in the USA to watch the Cricket World Cup 2023 live. With its extensive coverage of cricket matches from around the world, Willow TV has become a go-to platform for cricket enthusiasts.

One of the major advantages of Willow TV is its wide range of content. From international tournaments like the World Cup to domestic leagues such as IPL, you can catch all the action on this platform. The streaming quality is excellent, ensuring that you don’t miss any crucial moments during the game.

Another great feature of Willow TV is its user-friendly interface. Navigating through different matches and finding your favorite teams’ games is straightforward and hassle-free. You can also access match highlights and expert analysis after each game, enhancing your overall viewing experience.

Additionally, Willow TV offers various subscription options to cater to different needs and budgets. Whether you prefer a monthly or annual plan, there’s something for everyone. The availability of both live streaming and on-demand content makes it convenient for viewers with busy schedules.

If you’re looking for a reliable and comprehensive way to watch the Cricket World Cup 2023 live in the USA, Willow TV is definitely worth considering. With its vast collection of cricket content and user-friendly interface, you won’t be disappointed with your viewing experience on this platform!

Outside USA, Here’s you can Watch American TV channel Abroad

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is another great option for cricket fans in the USA to watch the Cricket World Cup 2023 live. It offers a wide range of sports channels, including Willow TV, which will be broadcasting all the matches of the tournament.

One of the advantages of Fubo TV is its user-friendly interface and smooth streaming experience. You can easily navigate through the different channels and find your favorite cricket matches with just a few clicks.

Another plus point is that Fubo TV allows you to record your favorite games and watch them later at your convenience. So if you can’t catch a match live, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any action.

In addition to Willow TV, Fubo TV also offers other sports networks like ESPN, NBC Sports, Willow TV, CBS Sports Network, and more. This means you’ll not only get access to all the Cricket World Cup matches but also other popular sporting events happening around the world.

To enjoy Fubo TV’s services, you can sign up for their subscription plans which start at $64.99 per month. They also offer a free trial period so you can test out their service before committing.

Fubo TV provides an excellent platform for cricket enthusiasts in the USA who want to stay updated with all the excitement of Cricket World Cup 2023 Live! So grab some popcorn and get ready for an incredible cricket-watching experience with Fubo TV!

Sling TV

Sling TV is another great option for cricket fans in the USA to watch the Cricket World Cup 2023. With its affordable pricing and flexible packages, Sling TV offers a range of channels that broadcast live sports events, including cricket matches.

One of the standout features of Sling TV is its wide selection of international sports channels. Subscribers can choose from different packages that include networks like Willow HD, which specifically caters to cricket enthusiasts. This means you’ll have access to all the thrilling matches and nail-biting moments right at your fingertips.

Another advantage of Sling TV is its streaming capabilities. You can easily watch games on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, or even game consoles. The convenience and mobility offered by Sling TV make it an excellent choice for avid cricket fans who want to catch every moment of the action while on-the-go.

Watch With VPN

In the digital age, where content can be accessed from anywhere in the world, watching live sports events has become easier than ever. However, certain streaming services may have geographical restrictions that prevent users from accessing their desired content. This is where a Virtual Private Network (VPN) comes into play.

A VPN allows you to bypass these restrictions by masking your IP address and making it appear as if you are browsing from another location. By connecting to a server in a different country, you can gain access to streaming platforms that would otherwise be unavailable in your region.

For cricket fans in the USA who want to watch the Cricket World Cup 2023 live, using a VPN can be an effective solution. Simply choose a reputable VPN provider Likes of ExpressVPN and select a server location where streaming of the tournament is available.

Once connected to the VPN, you can then access popular streaming platforms such as Willow TV, Fubo TV, or Sling TV or other free cricket World cup Broadcaster and enjoy all the thrilling matches of the Cricket World Cup 2023 from the comfort of your home.

Remember to choose a fast and reliable VPN service for uninterrupted viewing pleasure. So grab some snacks, get comfortable on your couch, connect with your chosen VPN server location abroad and immerse yourself in all the excitement of this global cricket event!


In this digital age, it has become easier than ever to watch live sports events from the comfort of our homes, no matter where we are in the world. The Cricket World Cup 2023 is just around the corner, and if you’re in the USA, there are several options available to catch all the action.

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