How to Unblock Whatsapp calling in Saudi Arabia

How to unblock whatsapp calling in saudi arabia

As you may know, Whatsapp calling is currently blocked in Saudi Arabia. However, there are a few ways to unblock it. In this article, we will explore how to unblock Whatsapp calling in Saudi Arabia. First, let’s take a look at why Whatsapp calling is blocked in Saudi Arabia. Then, we will discuss a few methods that you can use to unblock it.

What is Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that allows users to communicate with each other without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp uses the internet to send and receive messages, meaning that it doesn’t rely on your phone’s text plan. WhatsApp is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia phones. In addition to basic messaging, WhatsApp also offers group chat, picture messaging, voice messaging, and location sharing.

How to unblock Whatsapp in Saudi Arabia

If you are living in Saudi Arabia, you might be aware of the fact that the country has banned Whatsapp. However, there are still many people who use the messaging app in the country despite the ban. If you are one of those people and you want to unblock Whatsapp in Saudi Arabia, here is a guide on how to do it.

First of all, you will need to have a VPN service installed on your device. There are many different VPN providers out there, so make sure to choose one that is reliable and offers good speeds. Once you have chosen a provider and installed their app on your device, open it up and connect to a server located outside of Saudi Arabia.

Once you are connected to a server outside of Saudi Arabia, open up the Whatsapp app on your device and start making calls as usual. You should now be able to make calls without any problems.

Why is Whatsapp blocked in Saudi Arabia?

WhatsApp is blocked in Saudi Arabia because the government considers it a “communications tool that does not comply with the regulations” of the country. The app has been blocked since May of 2018, when the government said it would start taking action against “violations” of its rules.

The block on WhatsApp is part of a wider crackdown on internet freedoms in Saudi Arabia. In recent years, the government has also banned access to many news and social media websites, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Critics say that the ban on WhatsApp is an attempt by the government to control the flow of information and limit people’s ability to communicate freely. They point out that other messaging apps, such as Telegram, are still available in Saudi Arabia.

The ban has caused significant inconvenience for many people in Saudi Arabia who rely on WhatsApp to stay in touch with family and friends abroad. It has also made it more difficult for businesses to communicate with customers and suppliers outside of the country.


If you’re looking for a way to unblock Whatsapp calling in Saudi Arabia, we hope that this guide has been helpful. While there is no guaranteed method to bypass the block, using a VPN is the best option available. With a VPN, you can connect to servers in other countries where Whatsapp calling is not blocked, and route your calls through those servers. We recommend ExpressVPN as the best option for unblocking Whatsapp calling in Saudi Arabia.

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