How to Book ticket for Pan American Games 2023 ? Booking Guide

You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to dive into the heart of sports history at the Pan American Games 2023 in Santiago. In order to ensure you’re prepared to witness this monumental event, we offer a comprehensive guide to booking your tickets online.

Puntoticket.com is your gateway to the Pan American Games 2023

In order to embark on this exciting journey, you must first create your account on Puntoticket.com. Simply click “Register” and complete the user-friendly process. Click the Santiago 2023 image at the Punto Ticket Home to begin your journey.

Choose Your Games: Pan American or Parapan American?

When booking tickets for Pan American Games 2023, you will have to choose between two incredible events. Whether you’re cheering for the Pan American Games or Parapan American Games, your decision sets the stage for a lifetime of memories. Click on “Buy Tickets” and let the excitement guide you.

Choosing the right competition, date, and discipline

You have a series of exciting choices to make in your ticket booking journey. By clicking “Buy,” you’re one step closer to securing your spot in history by choosing your preferred competition, pinpointing the date and time that works for you, and exploring the array of disciplines offered.

Make Your Details Personalized

Buying a Pan American Games 2023 ticket is more than a pass; it’s an opportunity to enjoy a world of sports wonders. Take a moment to personalize your details as you proceed to the purchase section. Whether you’re buying tickets for yourself or others, make sure every piece of information is accurate. Foreigners have their own option, so everyone can take part seamlessly. Once you’ve completed the process, you’re almost done.

Your E-Tickets are waiting for you

With your details in place, the final click echoes with anticipation. Your tickets, your golden keys to Pan American Games 2023, now reside in the “My E-Tickets” section. Located in the upper right tab, this section houses your access to history. Your entry, marking your participation in Chile’s most significant sports festival ever, can be downloaded on September 15.

Your Pan American Games 2023 adventure awaits!

The Pan American Games 2023 ticket booking process promises excitement, ease, and a touch of magic. Don’t miss the chance to be part of Chile’s most significant sports spectacle by following our comprehensive guide. You won’t just be booking tickets; you’re reserving your place in history. Download your E-Tickets, mark your calendar, and make your way to the event.

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