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Top 7 Place to Visit in India during ICC Cricket World cup 2023

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Get ready to witness the ultimate clash of cricketing titans as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is just around the corner! As players from all over the world gear up for this grand event, fans are eagerly awaiting their chance to experience the thrill and excitement firsthand. While India will be hosting this prestigious tournament, it’s not just about cricket. This is also a golden opportunity to explore some incredible destinations across the country. So, whether you’re a die-hard cricket aficionado or simply looking for an amazing travel experience, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of the top 7 places to visit in India during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. From vibrant cities steeped in history to bustling metropolises buzzing with energy, each destination has something unique to offer. So grab your passport and let’s dive into this unforgettable journey!


Mumbai, the city of dreams, is a must-visit destination for cricket enthusiasts and travelers alike during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Known as the entertainment capital of India, Mumbai offers a blend of vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and mouthwatering street food.

Start your exploration with a visit to the iconic Gateway of India—a majestic arch overlooking the Arabian Sea. Take a leisurely stroll along Marine Drive, also known as the Queen’s Necklace due to its dazzling lights at night. Don’t forget to catch a thrilling match at Wankhede Stadium—the venue that witnessed India’s historic World Cup victory in 2011.

For history buffs, a trip to Elephanta Caves is an absolute must. Located on an island just off the coast of Mumbai, these ancient caves boast intricately carved sculptures dating back centuries. Dive into Bollywood glamour by visiting Film City where you can witness movie sets in action or even catch glimpses of your favorite stars!

Indulge your taste buds with authentic street food like Vada Pav (a spicy potato fritter sandwich) or indulge in some lip-smacking seafood at Juhu Beach. For shopaholics, Colaba Causeway offers everything from trendy clothes to quirky accessories.

With its bustling streets and never-ending energy,Mumbai promises an unforgettable experience during this cricket extravaganza


Chennai, the vibrant capital city of Tamil Nadu, is a must-visit destination during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. With its rich cultural heritage and beautiful beaches, Chennai offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Begin your exploration of this bustling metropolis by visiting the iconic Marina Beach. Stretching for miles along the Bay of Bengal, it is one of the longest urban beaches in the world. Take a leisurely stroll or simply relax on its golden sands while enjoying breathtaking views.

For history enthusiasts, a visit to Fort St. George is a must. This historic fortress houses several museums that showcase Chennai’s colonial past. Explore exhibits that highlight the British era and learn about significant events that shaped India’s history.

To experience spirituality at its best, head to Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Mylapore. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple boasts stunning architecture and intricate carvings that date back centuries. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere filled with devotion as you witness various rituals being performed by devotees.

Indulge your taste buds with authentic South Indian cuisine at some of Chennai’s popular restaurants like Saravana Bhavan or Murugan Idli Shop. From idlis and dosas to spicy Chettinad curries, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to delectable food options.

Don’t forget to explore Chennai’s thriving shopping scene! Head over to T Nagar, known as one of Asia’s largest shopping districts, where you can find everything from traditional silk sarees to trendy fashion wear.

If time permits, take a day trip to Mahabalipuram located nearby. Marvel at UNESCO World Heritage-listed ancient temples and rock-cut sculptures dating back to the Pallava dynasty.

Chennai has something for everyone – whether you’re interested in history, culture or simply want to unwind by the beach. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience in this vibrant city during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023!


Kolkata, also known as the City of Joy, is a vibrant and culturally rich city in India. With its colonial architecture, bustling streets, and mouthwatering street food, Kolkata offers a unique experience to visitors.

One of the must-visit attractions in Kolkata is the Howrah Bridge. This iconic landmark connects the twin cities of Kolkata and Howrah and provides stunning views of the Hooghly River. Another architectural marvel that should not be missed is Victoria Memorial, an impressive white marble structure that pays homage to Queen Victoria.

For art enthusiasts, a visit to the Indian Museum is a must. As one of the oldest museums in India, it houses an extensive collection of artifacts spanning various periods of history. The Tagore House is another cultural gem in Kolkata where visitors can learn about Rabindranath Tagore’s life and work.

Food lovers will be delighted by Kolkata’s culinary scene. From delicious sweets like rosogolla and mishti doi to savory snacks like puchka (pani puri) and kathi rolls, there are endless delights to indulge in.

Kolkata also has its fair share of beautiful parks where you can relax amidst nature. The Maidan Park offers wide open spaces for picnics or leisurely walks while Eco Park boasts lush greenery and serene lakes.

In addition to these attractions, Kolkata hosts numerous festivals throughout the year including Durga Puja which showcases elaborate decorations and artistic idols all over the city.

With its blend of history, culture, art, food, and festivities; Kolkata truly captivates everyone who visits this incredible city!


Delhi, the vibrant capital city of India, is a must-visit destination during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. This bustling metropolis offers a perfect blend of historical landmarks and modern marvels.

One cannot miss exploring the iconic Red Fort, an architectural masterpiece that reflects Delhi’s rich history. The magnificent Qutub Minar and Humayun’s Tomb are also worth visiting for their awe-inspiring beauty.

For cricket enthusiasts, a visit to the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium is a must. It has witnessed many historic cricket moments and provides an incredible atmosphere for cheering on your favorite team.

Delhi is also known for its delectable street food. From mouthwatering chaats to spicy kebabs, the city offers a gastronomic delight that should not be missed. Indulge in some delicious paranthas at Paranthe Wali Gali or savor the flavorsome biryanis at Karim’s.

To escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, one can take a leisurely stroll in Lodhi Gardens or explore the serene beauty of Akshardham Temple.

Shopping enthusiasts will find solace in Delhi’s bustling markets like Chandni Chowk and Sarojini Nagar. These places offer everything from traditional handicrafts to trendy clothing at affordable prices.

With its fascinating history, culinary delights, lively cricket culture, and vibrant markets, Delhi promises an unforgettable experience during your visit for ICC Cricket World Cup 2023!


Welcome to the vibrant city of Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley of India! With its perfect blend of modernity and tradition, Bangalore offers a plethora of attractions for visitors.

First up is the iconic Lalbagh Botanical Garden, a haven for nature lovers. Spread across 240 acres, this serene oasis boasts an impressive collection of exotic plants and flowers. Take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a picnic amidst its lush greenery.

For history buffs, a visit to the majestic Bangalore Palace is a must. Built in Tudor style architecture, this magnificent palace showcases opulent interiors and houses various artifacts from bygone eras. Don’t miss exploring its sprawling grounds and capturing stunning photographs.

If you’re craving some retail therapy, head to Brigade Road or Commercial Street, two bustling shopping districts in Bangalore. Here you’ll find an array of trendy boutiques, street stalls selling traditional handicrafts, and upscale malls offering international brands.

Foodies will be delighted by the diverse culinary scene in Bangalore. From mouthwatering South Indian delicacies like dosas and idlis at MTR to indulging in delectable biryanis at Shivaji Military Hotel – there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Bangalore’s nightlife is also worth experiencing with its numerous bars, clubs, and live music venues that cater to all tastes. Whether you’re into jazz music or EDM beats – there’s always something happening after dark.

To escape the hustle-bustle of city life, venture out to Nandi Hills located on the outskirts of Bangalore. This scenic hilltop offers breathtaking views at sunrise along with opportunities for hiking and paragliding enthusiasts.

Lastly but not leastly (Is lastly but not leastly really different than Lastly?), don’t forget to explore Cubbon Park -a peaceful retreat within the heart of the city where you can relax amidst verdant lawns while enjoying recreational activities such as cycling or simply soaking in the tranquil ambiance.

So, make sure to include Bangalore on your


Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana, is a vibrant and historical destination that should be on your list when visiting India for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. This bustling metropolis offers a perfect blend of old-world charm and modern amenities.

One of Hyderabad’s most iconic landmarks is the magnificent Charminar. Built in 1591, this breathtaking monument represents the city’s rich history and architectural grandeur. You can explore its intricate architecture, climb to the top for panoramic views, or simply soak in the lively atmosphere surrounding it.

Another must-visit attraction is Golconda Fort. This ancient fortress stands as a testament to Hyderabad’s glorious past. Take a guided tour to discover its hidden passages, royal palaces, and legendary acoustics system that allows sound to travel from one end to another!

Food lovers will have a delightful time exploring Hyderabad’s culinary scene. The city is famous for biryani – aromatic rice cooked with meat or vegetables and infused with fragrant spices. Don’t miss out on trying this mouthwatering dish at iconic eateries like Paradise Biryani House or Shah Ghouse Café.

For those seeking tranquility amidst nature, visit Hussain Sagar Lake – an artificial lake built during the reign of Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah. Enjoy a boat ride while admiring the massive Buddha statue standing tall on an island in the middle of the lake.

Hyderabad also boasts numerous shopping options where you can indulge in retail therapy. From traditional bazaars like Laad Bazaar (famous for exquisite bangles) to modern malls like Inorbit Mall – there’s something for everyone.

Lastly but not leastly – Ramoji Film City! It holds Guinness World Records as being one of India’s largest film studios sprawling over thousands of acres! Explore its sets, entertainment zones, live shows & more!

With its captivating history, mouthwatering cuisine, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality, Hyderabad promises an unforgettable experience for cricket enthusiasts visiting India for



Last but certainly not least, we have Pune on our list of top places to visit in India during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Located in the western state of Maharashtra, Pune is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and modern infrastructure.

One of the highlights of visiting Pune is exploring its historical sites such as Aga Khan Palace and Shaniwar Wada. These architectural marvels offer a glimpse into the city’s glorious past and are a must-visit for history buffs.

For nature lovers, there are also beautiful gardens like Pu La Deshpande Garden and Saras Baug that provide a serene escape from the bustling city life. The picturesque landscapes and lush greenery make these spots perfect for picnics or simply taking a leisurely stroll.

Pune is also renowned for its educational institutions and has earned the nickname “Oxford of the East.” Students from all over India flock to this city to pursue higher education in various fields. This gives Pune a youthful energy and contributes to its vibrant nightlife scene with numerous bars, pubs, and clubs offering entertainment options for everyone.

Food enthusiasts will be delighted by Pune’s culinary offerings as well. From street food delicacies like vada pav and misal pav to delectable Maharashtrian thalis, there is something to satisfy every palate.

As you explore this dynamic city during your visit for the cricket world cup matches, don’t forget to indulge in some shopping at local markets like FC Road or MG Road. Here you can find everything from traditional handicrafts to trendy fashion apparel.

With its perfect blend of history, culture, natural beauty, education hubs, nightlife venues, delicious cuisine,and shopping opportunities,Pune ensures an unforgettable experience during your stay while enjoying thrilling cricket matches at ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

So pack your bags,pick up your cricket gear,and get ready for an incredible adventure across Mumbai Chennai Kolkata Delhi Bangalore Hyderabad and Pune. These cities will not only give you the chance to witness

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