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Five Strategies For Predicting IPL 2022 Winner Correctly

The Indian Premier League, the biggest cricketing event globally, has begun. It is not easy to guess which team will settle in the top position of IPL 2022. But by following some simple strategies and analyzing many aspects of each team, you will be closer to the result of this exciting season.

1.   Do Your Research

Although the IPL is a game of unpredictability, doing your research will help you in one way or another. The more you know about the teams and the players beforehand, the better your odds of placing a correct prediction. There are some sources you can rely on, such as the case of the best online betting sites in India, where you will find content created by experts in the field.

Anyway, while doing your research, there are a few things we highly recommend you have in mind:

  • Observe the current form of players who are likely to figure in the final squad.
  • Carefully assess all key signings.
  • Look at the head coach’s role.
  • Consider the weather conditions.
  • Have a look at the key players of the league.

2.   Keep Track Of The Game Schedule

Keeping track of the match schedule can be a little tricky as well. However, tracking the schedule can be helpful when placing bets since there is always a chance that an underdog team might pull off an upset victory over a favourite team. So, here are some tips in regards to this matter that will help you this year:

  • This year the format of the competition changed. Currently, ten teams are participating instead of eight as it used to be before.
  • The teams participating are split into two groups of five. In total, each of the teams is playing fourteen games.
  • Track players’ performance: Consider key players’ latest injuries and suspensions.
  • Rotate your prediction based on recent results.

3.   Be Realistic With Your Prediction

When making any prediction, whether related to the IPL 2022 winner or anything else, always make sure that you are realistic with your expectations. Never make predictions that are too good to be true if you want to stay on the safer side of things.

If you are a beginner in prediction making, there is no need to rush into things and make predictions that would be difficult to achieve. Start by making straightforward predictions like which player will score the most runs. Once you become more experienced, you can start making more complicated ones.

4.   Pay Attention To The Past Games And Records

Looking at the records and stats from previous games is also a good idea. Pay attention to what happened last year and during other games to get a better idea of how things will go down.

Here are some points you can have a look at:

  • What was “the momentum” of the 2021 season?
  • Evaluate your favourite team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Check out what team has had to win and lose streak in IPL 2021 matches.

5.   Consider point table predictions and betting odds as well

Of course, only you can decide if your prediction is good enough to bed. There are other sources to check, such as point table predictions and betting odds. You must stay professional regardless of the sport or anything else that may go on in any event. Never forget what the rules are out of mathematics and stats and apply them correctly.

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