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Champions Trophy 2025 – India vs Pakistan clash host by Lahore

champions trophy 2025

After A Highvolate Drama in T20 world cup 2024 at New York which to be ended as a India win , next big clash of India vs Pakistan are not too far away as Both arch rivals are meet to each other after a eight month in Champions Trophy 2025 unless both team meet in knock out of world cup.

cricbuzz inform that schedule of 2025 champions trophy India vs Pajkistan clash on sunday. Tournament will be played betwen 19 february to 9 march.

Karachi is scheduled to host the opening match on February 19, a Wednesday, and the two semifinals will be in Karachi and Rawalpindi.

2025 ICC Champions Trophy will be the ninth edition of the ICC Champions Trophy and its to be hosted by Pakistan. Total 8 teams are playing in this tournament.

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