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Why Sri Lanka Lost the 2011 Cricket World cup – May this will be reason

Sri Lanka minister submits report why team lost 2011 cricket world cup to authorities.

In the Final Game India Won the Match with six wickets as Sri Lanka lost the second world cup final in a row. 2011 World cup Victory will be the Second title for the TEam India as they earlier won the trophy in 1983.

“Across nine pages, I have mentioned 24 suspicious reasons as to why we had lost the tournament,” Aluthgamage told reporters during a media briefing as per

Aluthgamage claimed that Final of India vs Sri Lanka 2011 world cup at Wankhede stadium was fixed otherwise they won the match easily.

“The 2011 Cricket World Cup final was fixed. I stand by what I say. It took place when I was the minister of sports,” Aluthgamage had said last week.

“However, I do not wish to expose details for the sake of the country. The game against India in 2011, the game we could have won, was fixed.

“I say this with a responsibility and I can come forward for a debate. The people are concerned about it. I would not involve the cricketers in this.

“However, certain groups were definitely involved in fixing the game,” he added.

“Then no one needs to speculate and can get to the bottom of this. That should be the most prudent course of action,” Sangakkara had said.

Source: IANS

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