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Top 5 Most Followed Athletes On Twitter

Do you share the love and support for your favorite athlete on social media? The answer might be yes. It’s no secret that athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have millions of followers on Instagram. However, how do they perform on Twitter?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Famous Footballer

It is not necessary to introduce the first athlete on our list. He is regarded as one of the best soccer players in the world who dominates everywhere. CR7 has over 515 million followers on Instagram as well as over 156 million followers on Facebook. There is, however, now also a whopping number of 100+ million followers on Instagram, which is quite impressive.

Neymar: Footballer

Neymar is a Brazilian footballer who has come to the limelight recently and is one of the most followed athletes on Twitter. He plays as a forward for the Brazilian National team and one of the richest football clubs, Paris Saint-Germain.
He is undoubtedly an excellent player with remarkable speed, acceleration, and control over the ball. This legendary player has achieved many awards such as UEFA Champions League Player of the Month in recent time and has over 57 million followers on instagram. Neymar set a historic record last year when he became the most popular athlete on twitter with over 64 million new fans following him by 2017 end.

Lebron James: Basketballer

One of the most remarkable basketball players of all time is Lebron James. He began playing in the NBA and you may know him as the world’s highest-paid athlete right now.
Throughout his 18-year career, he has earned more than $1 billion – which is incredible. Not many athletes have ever made that much money, right?
He was skilled and passionate enough to take his talent further and make a name for himself internationally.
Lebron James currently has around 52 million followers on his Twitter account.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is a former Indian cricket player and the current captain of India’s national team.
He’s one of the most successful players in India’s history, having made records such as 18,426 runs in international one day matches and 15,921 runs in test matches. And with 37 million followers on Twitter, he’s the third-most followed cricketer on the social media site!

Imran Khan, AKA Former President Of Pakistan & Cricketer

Here we listed one of the most followed athletes on Twitter with a shocking and interesting background check.

Imran Khan was a former cricketer who played World Cups and National matches for Pakistan as a captain.

Imran Khan has an astonishing 17+ million followers on Twitter. After retiring permanently from cricket, he started working as a politician at an early age.

One of the most important functions of social media, such as Twitter, is to keep their fans informed about their activities and future moves. We compiled a list of the five most followed athletes with the most devoted Twitter fans. We hope you find our ranking and article useful.

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