The Most Famous Football Stars Who Are Big Casino Fans

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As many as 25% of the world population visits online or brick-and-mortar casinos these days, and the numbers are increasing. Casinos work hard to attract and retain as many new and famous customers as possible. 

Celebrities and famous athletes are no exception. Lots of world-famous football stars are amongst the most regular and avid gamblers. Most of the time, they are not about getting rich – they are already rich. It’s about the suspense, thrill, and fun that go with gambling that they are excited about. Check out some of the biggest names in football that are closely associated with regular gambling. Some of them might catch you off guard!

Cristiano Ronaldo

There is hardly a bigger name in football than Cristiano Ronaldo. Given his antics and style, you should not be surprised that he is among the top athletes who love to gamble once in a while. Paparazzi have been able to take photos of him visiting casinos in Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and Macau. 

But we know that he never loses his mind when gambling. He is not one of those guys who are going to risk a huge sum of money. Rather, he tends to have fun gambling, using it as an opportunity to meet people and simply have a good time.

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Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo were once teammates when they both played for Manchester United. Maybe, it was back then when Wayne teamed up with the Portuguese star to start gambling. Or perhaps, it was Ronaldo tagging along? We don’t really know. 

All we know is that Rooney is an avid gambler. He once lost more than $80,000 in a Las Vegas casino within a couple of hours. He had issues with his coach and team owners about his gambling habits because they thought gambling negatively affected his athletic performance. Since his retirement, Wayne has become far more prudent because he is not earning as much as he used to as an active player.

David Beckham

I am sure you expected Beckham to come up on this list. And you are not wrong. David has always led a glamorous life, and visiting casinos has always been part of his publicity and PR campaigns. David and Victoria are celebrities who want to go wherever the world’s best-known celebrities go. That’s why you would often catch a glimpse of them in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, more so since the Beckhams moved over to Los Angeles.

David is said to have won significant amounts of money. Hands down, he must have been taking cues from Victoria to pull it off!


Ronaldinho is another usual suspect on this list. The gifted Brazilian is said to be as lucky in casinos as he was on the pitch. Ronaldinho used to spend long hours in casinos, but he somehow managed not to lose his famous smile! 

Ronaldinho is among other Brazilian players who love to gamble, so they often get together to spend time, have fun, and play together. He has never lost a huge sum of money. After all, it must be a social gathering opportunity for the Brazilian prodigy.

Francesco Totti

The world-renowned Roma player is known for his love of gambling. He enjoys all casino games, and he never refuses an offer to tag along. As an Italian, he gets very emotional when he starts losing. Rumor has it that he often starts swearing when the worse comes to worst.

Francesco has lost several hundred thousand dollars, but that should not have made him poor. He has earned more than enough to afford the loss. Poker and blackjack are among his favorite games.

Final Thoughts

Famous football players like to gamble, just like millions of ordinary people around the world. But for them, it rarely turns into an obsessive habit that drives them to bankruptcy. Football stars often choose to gamble because they want to have fun, which is why they do it with their mates and partners.


Robert V. Gee is an experienced writer and researcher of the gambling industry’s developments, news, and stories. Recently, he has taken an interest in tracking celebrities and famous athletes who love to gamble. Some of them turn out to be avid gamblers. Follow Robert to learn more about the big names who can’t resist the temptation of trying their luck in casinos.

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