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The huge conflict between Manuel Neuer and Bayern Munich

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Manuel Neuer, the legendary German goalkeeper, will most likely want to forget the period between late 2022 and early 2023. Cricket also has performers that have difficult periods, however, they are still able to recover, and for that reason you can visit and bet live on them.

Let’s summarize the main things that happened to him during that period:

  • he was the captain of the German national team that suffered a disappointing first-round elimination in the 2022 FIFA World Cup;
  • he broke his leg in a freak accident when skiing in his vacations after the tournament;
  • Bayern Munich signed Yann Sommer as a replacement for Neuer, which means fierce competition for the goal later on;
  • and also, the team fired their goalkeeping coach, who according to Neuer himself, was also a close friend of his in the team.

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A conflict with Toni Tapalovic

The goalkeeping coach in question is Toni Tapalovic. Up to 2023, he had been working at Bayern Munich for many years. Also, considering that Neuer was already a consolidated goalkeeper at the German squad, he also became one of his closest friends. All Bundesliga matches are available at the website, where you can place wagers on its best teams and players.

However, several situations erupted that led to Julian Nagelsmann, Bayern’s head coach, to terminate Tapalovic. The most important of them was that, apparently, the goalkeeping coach was leaking chats among the coaching staff to players. The managers that coach the best teams in the world also offer great wagering opportunities, and at 1xBet you can take advantage of all of them.

Neuer’s furious reaction

As soon as Neuer found out that his good friend Tapalovic had been fired from Bayern Munich, he didn’t hide how he felt about the situation. In fact, he went as far as to say that Tapalovic’s firing was the “most brutal thing he had experienced in his career”. Explore the 1xBet top football scores, where the best keepers can also have a huge influence on them.

The problem escalated into even bigger proportions. Even board members of the team asked Neuer for explanations. Basically they were not very impressed with the fact that he had said all of this to the press rather than keeping it as an internal matter. Even the legendary Oliver Kahn himself, who is also a board member of the team, condemned Neuer’s words. It is quite unusual to see that Kahn has such a disagreement with the goalkeeper that many saw as his rightful successor. Making live bets on football matches at 1xBet is very rewarding, where scores and other top features are always available.

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