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Watch Sudirman Cup 2021 Live Stream & TV Channel Listing

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Sudirman Cup which is also known as Total BWF Sudirman cup for the sponsorship reason upcoming 17th Edition are to be played from the 26 September – 3 October 2021. This 17th Edition of Sudirman cup to be host by the Nanning China. Current Defending champions of the competition are China.

Total 377 Competitors from the 31 Nations are took part in this Sudirman cup 2021. This is the World Mixed team badminton championship which will be played since the inaugural edition in span of two years. There are five matches in every round: men and women’s singles, men and women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

Watch Sudirman Cup Live 

Sudirman cup all the players are play for their respective countries to earn BWF world ranking points and National Prestige as No prize money for the competition. Total of 32 teams would be competing in the Sudirman cup 2021 tournament which will be divided into four groups. Group A feature twelve teams which include tops teams while Group B and C seeded eight teams and four team teams were seeded into Group D.

BWF Sudirman cup
BWF Sudirman cup

With 10 Title on the Name China is most successful nations of Sudirman cup while Korea 4 time champions of this tournament.

From India Few of the star suttlers are playing in sudirman cup 2021 likes of Saina Nehwal, P.V.Sindhu, Srikanth Kidambi and many more. Team India to play against Malaysia and china in the group stage in Sudirman cup 2021.

How to Watch Sudirman Cup 2021 Live Stream ? Look at the TV channels & Broadcaster information

Badminton Fans from the world and as specially participating nations are looking to watch the Total BWF Sudirman cup live stream and Telecast online of the current edition of 2021. Here are the list of tv channels who bring the Coverage of Sudirman cup 2021 to respecitve countries.

Stream Badminton Live with VPN

Indian Shuttlers Fans Can watch their favorites players performance in Sudirman cup 2021 live via visiting the Star sports network as Star sports 2 SD & HD channel officially broadcast the match coverage of Sudirman cup 2021 including India vs Malaysia and India vs China. Fans who want to watch this Sudirman cup online streaming kindly visit the Hotstar website while Mobile users have to download the Hotstar apps and Enjoy the BWF Sudirman cup live in India on Smartphone and Tablet device.

Astro Supersport 4 channel to be Provide the Sudirman Cup 2021 live telecast and action of various game in Malaysia while Hub sports may be bring the Sudirman cup live in Singapore country.

Channel Broadcast Below Games

Group 1-A

1.      Japan versus Russia (20th May 2019)

2.      Thailand versus Russia (21st May 2019)

3.      Japan versus Thailand (22nd May 2019)

Group 1-B

1.      Indonesia versus England (19th May 2019)

2.      Denmark versus England (20th May 2019)

3.      Indonesia versus Denmark (22nd May 2019)

Group 1-C

1.      Chinese Taipei versus Hong Kong (19th May 2019)

2.      Korea versus Hong Kong (20th May 2019)

3.      Chinese Taipei versus Korea (22nd May 2019)

Group 1-D

1.      China versus Malaysia (19th May 2019)

2.      India versus Malaysia (21st May 2019)

3.      India versus China (22nd May 2019)

Group 2A

  1. Netherlands vs Vietnam (19 May 2019)
  2. France vs United States (19 May 2019)
  3. Netherlands vs United States (20 May 2019)
  4. France vs Vietnam (20 May 2019)
  5. United States vs Vietnam (21 May 2019)
  6. Netherlands vs France (21 May 2019)

Group 2B

  1. Canada vs Singapore (19 May 2019)
  2. Germany vs Israel (19 May 2019)
  3. Germany vs Singapore (20 May 2019)
  4. Canada vs Israel (20 May 2019)
  5. Germany vs Canada (22 May 2019)
  6. Singapore vs Israel (22 May 2019)

Group 3A

Ireland vs Nepal (19 May 2019)
Australia vs New Zealand (19 May 2019)
Ireland vs New Zealand (21 May 2019)
Australia vs Nepal (21 May 2019)
Ireland vs Australia (22 May 2019)
New Zealand vs Nepal (22 May 2019)

Sudirman cup 2019 Top Seedings

Group 1

1.Japan, 2.China, 3.Indonesia, 4.Chinese Taipei, 5.Korea, 6.Denmark, 7.Thailand, 8.India, 9.Malaysia, 10.England, 11.Hong Kong, 12.Russia

Group 2

1.Netherlands, 2.Germany, 3.Canada, 4.France, 5.USA, 6.Singapore, 7.Vietnam, 8.Israel

Group 3

1.Ireland, 2.Switzerland, 3.Australia, 4.Sri Lanka, 5.Slovakia, 6.New Zealand, 7.Nepal, 8.Lithuania

Group 4

1.Macau, 2.Kazakhstan, 3.Kenya, 4.Greenland

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