Men’s T20 World Cup: Fastest 50s in the history of the league

Cricket is the most popular with people more than any other game. It has always been a game of glorious uncertainty. This has always interested people to watch the game for five days. However, with changing times, life became faster, the format changed from time to time; from five days, it was reduced to sixty overs per team to twenty overs per team. In other words, it is now a battle of nerves, fitness, and agility.

mens t20 world cup

While youngsters are supposed to be more agile and flexible in the game, the not-so-young people used their experience, and of course, agility and skill to stay in the limelight. A T20 World Cup match is always more nerve-wracking than a World Cup match because you get to see the team you support winning in just 20 overs.

In 2021 the T20 World Cup was won by Australia and was played across the UAE in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and in Oman in Muscat. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) introduced the concept of this game format in 2003 to engage inter-country competition. The English county teams were the first to play the match. Eventually, this became a more important deal, and as of today, it is one of the most important matches played across international cricket.

The first winner of the T20 match was India in 2007, played in South Africa. West Indies have won in 2012 and 2016, the only country to have won this game twice.

Here are some things you need to know when you start playing fantasy cricket.

Pick your team

One of the benefits of playing fantasy cricket is picking your players. This can include both records holding players and your favorite players. Here, you will benefit from choosing and engaging the players just how you want them to play. So, if you are choosing an online platform to play, be sure to download fantasy cricket app where you can spend more time playing and investing with your players than understanding how to operate the platform.

Rules and regulations

You need to understand the different rules when building a team if you are playing online. Ideally, it would be the same as any franchise-building an IPL team through auction. All the bases are usually covered, and the user gets 100 credit points to build a team. Your aim here should be to get the best players within the limit, and as you play along and score better, chances of getting another better player also improve.

Assigning team roles

Once you are sorted and happy with your team, you should assign them roles to understand the role they are expected to fulfill when playing. Usually, you get to choose 7 players with the fantasy team, including batsmen, wicket keepers, all-rounders, and bowlers. Not only this, but you should also choose the captain and vice-captain who will be leading the team. The choices must be made carefully, as the captain gives you 2x points and the VC fetches you 1.5x points. Once you have decided on the team, you should be good to go. You should feel confident that your choices will help you win the game.

Point system

The point system also varies from game to game. There is both positive and negative scoring system for batting, bowling, fielding, strike rate, economy rate, and others. The main objective of the fantasy game format is to score as much as possible so that you get to stay ahead on the leadership board, beating your opponents.

These are some of the cricketers who share the record of scoring the fastest 50 in a T20 World Cup match:

  • Yuvraj Singh, the India all-rounder, scores 50 off 12 balls in the 2007 T20 World Cup versus England. He had done all this post his comeback, defying cancer to score a record fastest 50.
  • Stephan Myburgh, the left-hand batsman and right-arm bowler of the Netherlands, scored 50 off 17 balls against Ireland in the 2014 T20 World Cup.
  • Glen Maxwell of Australia, in his 30s, is a right-arm batting all-rounder, considered to be one of the fastest scorers in World cricket, who had scored 50 runs against Pakistan in 2014.
  • Shoaib Mallick of Pakistan scored the fastest 50 against Scotland in 2021. Although he was not included in the original squad, he replaced an injured Shoaib Maqsood, yet he managed to pull off an impressive feat.
  • KL Rahul, who scored the fastest 50 against Scotland in 2021, is a wicketkeeper-batsman from India and one of the youngest players to hold the record.

These are very inspiring stories and can make you wish that you could also play. But it would help if you did not worry about it as you now have the option of playing online cricket matches with your dream team through fantasy cricket.

The online format lets you play with your friends and family, including the dream team you always wanted to play with. Another benefit of playing it is displaying your skills to a larger audience. Although it is one-sided, it is exciting to choose your team and see how well they perform.

Choosing the right platform to play and practice cricket can be tricky. If you are playing through an app, you need to ensure that the app is reliable, is registered, and is credible. It should also have a good interface and customer support system so that you can get your queries resolved hassle-free.

The online format of the game takes your love for the game to another level. You can put all your knowledge to play, use the players, and keep yourself involved. Your team will have control as the selector, manager, and creator as it is your team. Sounds cool, right? So, go ahead and build your own IPL team today.

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