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Inauguration of Santiago 2023 Pan American Village by Chilean President

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Inaugurating Santiago’s Pan American Village, Chile’s President Gabriel Boric declared “we are motivated and ready” to welcome athletes.

A little over a month before the Pan American Games open on October 20, the housing complex in Cerrillos southwest of Santiago has been completed.

The Pan American and Parapan American Games will house more than 8,000 athletes.

Just under a year has passed since it was built, and it will soon become a home for 1,355 families.

In addition to Boric, Santiago 2023 executive director Harold Mayne Nicholls, Chilean athletes and members of the Cerrillos community attended the inauguration of the building.

Before Boric participated in the traditional ribbon cutting, he toured the apartment and common areas.

“This is a new starting point for what the Pan American and Parapan American Games are going to be, but we are also inaugurating a village in Cerrillos that is a project that will leave a legacy,” said Boric.

“This was built in 21 months, it has integration spaces.

“There will be athletes from all countries here, and we have many reasons to be forge brotherhood amongst the countries.

“We are motivated and ready.

“The energy of the Pan American and Parapan American Games is contagious, and it will inject an optimism into the country that does us too much good.

“There are only five weeks left until all of Chile is united by the same flag and we celebrate the beginning of this continental celebration.”

“We are very happy to be here,” said Caram.

“We had the tremendous luck to be inside the departments, to tour the Pan American Village and it really shows that this place is going to be a tremendous meeting point for all athletes on the continent.

“We are very eager to come live in this villa.

“We have little left and we are ready.”

On November 5, the Pan American Games will conclude, followed by the Parapan American Games from November 17 to 26.

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