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How to Watch HBO in Australia – 2022 Working Tips

hbo online

Australian Fans are always crazy to watch movies and TV shows from around the world. HBO is an American Premium Television network which to be owned by the Home Box Office. Australia Fans are not able to watch this HBO Directly except you got a cable subscription to the likes of Telstra or Foxtel you could miss out on a lot of the great HBO shows.

Watch HBO Anywhere

Many of the Aussies are searching for the Way to Watch HBO Network in Australia. Don’t Worry here I will provide the best way and also the Cheapest way to Watch HBO Services in Australia which directly from America so you do not have to pay a huge subscription for it.

If you are searching for the best way then First you have to Buy a Good VPN Services I Prefer for ExpressVPN service for it.

Step 1 – Find out Best VPN Network

To See HBO in Australia country you must need the VPN for it as they hide your current australia ip and give a option to choose worldwide server so go with the American server.

If you search on VPN then you will receive many of the VPN service provider So see below the best VPN which will allow you to watch HBO in Australia.

I tested a bunch of the VPN provider but in all of them ExpressVPN which work the best in terms of Speed, Security and also with Price comparison to others.

How to Watch Quibi 

Our Recommended Some of the Standard VPN service provider are as below.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. NordVPN

ExpressVPN which is always the top on the list but there are many other VPN that will also done good job . Look at below in the table.

RankVPN ProviderBuy Links
expressvpn banner
purevpn banner
NordVPN Banner
IPVanish banner

Pick any of the above and See below the steps to Learn How to Install VPN Apps and enjoy HBO in Australia.

Step 2 – Download VPN Apps

After pick a Good VPN service you need to download the VPN Apps.

Follow below the example as I here used ExpressVPN but you will be use any of the three of the above recommeded services.

  • Go to VPN services
  • Add your Account Credentials.
  • Select to American Server
  • Press Connect

Open the HBO in Australia and enjoy any American TV show or Movie.

All the Device you will connect likes of Android, Apple iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux and the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Step 3 -Sign up for HBO Now

HBO is not giving a free service but you can go with first free 7 day trial to see it working or not.

Follow the steps below to sign up for HBO Now. Make sure you’re still connected to the VPN from ExpressVPN or one of the other providers.

  1. Visit the HBO Now website and click ‘Start your free trial‘.
  2. Enter your email address, choose a password and enter your first and last name.
  3. Then enter ‘90210‘ in Zip Code and agree to the terms and conditions. Then press ‘Create Account
  4. Enter your credit / debit card details. Choose ‘California’ as your city and enter ‘90210’ as your Zip Code.
  5. Press to continue.

If you don’t wish to keep the service continue then remember to cancel before 7 days free period. If you do however want to keep it then you don’t need to do anything and your first payment of HBO service will be taken after the 7-day trial has finished.

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With using this service you not only watch HBO in Australia but also watch anywhere around the world of Japan, UK, Switzerland, Singapore, UAE, Dubai etc.

What things I watch on HBO

With a service of HBO in Australia you can watch all the movies and TV shows on the HBO Now Service. Which Included every season of Game of Thrones including the latest, watch other series like Ballers, Deadwood, Girls, Hung, Oz, The Pacific and more. There’s also an extensive movie section which bring you a access Netflix for its money covering everything from Action to Comedy, Drama to Romance.

Know About HBO and Their Channels

As per Wiki 

ChannelDescription and programming
HBO logo.svg
The flagship service; HBO airs popular feature films, first-run films, original series and made-for-cable movies, boxing events, sports, comedy and occasional concert specials, and documentaries. The channel also typically debuts new movies on a weekly basis—with feature films debuting on HBO within a lag of between eight months to one year on average from their initial theatrical release—on Saturday nights (usually around 8:00 pm. Eastern Time; the Pacific Time Zone broadcast of the premiered film airs later in the evening when a live special—most commonly, a telecast of HBO World Championship Boxing or HBO Boxing After Dark—is scheduled to air that particular Saturday, with the special being shown after the movie on the Eastern Time Zone feed). The main HBO channel mainly airs R-rated films only after 8:00 pm. Eastern and Pacific, but does air certain TV-MA rated programs during the daytime hours.
HBO 2 Logo.png
A secondary channel that features a separate schedule of theatrical and original made-for-cable movies, series and specials, as well as same-week rebroadcasts of newer films, boxing events and episodes of HBO original series aired recently on the primary channel. Unlike the main HBO channel, HBO2 broadcasts R-rated films during the daytime hours, along with its other channels (excluding HBO Family). Launched on August 1, 1991, the channel was renamed HBO Plus on April 1, 1998, but reverted to the original “HBO2” name in September 2002. In Latin America, a regional version of HBO2 rebroadcasts movies previously aired on the main HBO Latin America channel, and HBO Plus functions as a separate channel.
HBO Comedy Logo.png
HBO Comedy
Launched on May 6, 1999, HBO Comedy features comedic films, as well as rebroadcasts of HBO’s original comedy series and stand-up specials; the channel broadcasts R-rated films during the daytime hours, but only airs adult comedy specials at night.
HBO Family Logo.png
HBO Family
Launched in December 1996, HBO Family features movies and series aimed at children, as well as feature films intended for a broader family audience. It airs a block of series aimed at preschoolers, “HBO Kids” (formerly “Jam”), each morning from 6:00 to 11:00 a.m. and weekday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. Eastern and Pacific Time; films and family-oriented original specials fill out the remainder of the channel’s daily schedule. All films broadcast on HBO Family are rated G, PG or PG-13 (or the equivalent TV-G, TV-PG or TV-14); R or NC-17 rated films and TV-MA rated programs are not broadcast on the channel. Children’s programs that formerly ran on the main HBO channel in the form of a daily morning block, with specials airing during the late afternoon/early evening hours; these programs migrated entirely to HBO Family by the early 2000s. With the exception of 1 hour at 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM Est of Sesame Street, Esme & Roy and an unbrand block of one to two movies appropriate for family viewing on Saturdays (before and after Sesame Street and Esme & Roy), HBO does not air any ofter children’s programs on its main channel any more. HBO Family is HBO’s third (and only successful) venture at a family-oriented pay service: two similarly formatted standalone mini-pay services that were launched by the network, Take 2 in 1979 and Festival in 1987, both ceased operations after short existences. Despite being a premium service, cable providers have occasionally used HBO Family to temporarily replace television stations that were dropped due to carriage disputes with providers such as during Hearst Television’s 2012 dispute with Time Warner Cable that resulted in TWC’s associated Bright House Networks system substituting independent station WMOR-TV with the channel in Tampa, Florida, and a dispute between Cox Communications and LIN TV in which HBO Family temporarily replaced Fox affiliate WVBT from Cox’s Hampton Roads, Virginia system from January to February 2000.
HBO Latino Logo.png
HBO Latino
Launched on October 31, 2000 (although originally slated to debut on September 18 of that year), HBO Latino is a channel aimed at Hispanic and Latino American audiences that largely serves as a Spanish language simulcast of the primary HBO channel, with the exception of some limited program substitutions and different network promotions featured in-between programs (HBO and its other multiplex channels also utilize the second audio program function included on many television sets, and cable and satellite receivers to provide alternate Spanish language audio tracks of most programs). The channel’s programming includes HBO original productions, Spanish and Portuguese series from HBO Latin America, dubbed versions of Hollywood blockbusters, Spanish-language films and boxing events (including the original boxing series Boxeo De Oro). The channel is the successor to HBO en Español (originally named Selecciones en Español de HBO y Cinemax), which launched in 1989.
HBO Signature Logo.png
HBO Signature
HBO Signature features high quality films, HBO original series and specials. Launched in 1991, the channel was originally known as “HBO 3” until October 1998, when its format was changed from a genericized format similar to HBO and HBO2 to focusing on movies, series and specials targeted at a female audience.
HBO Zone Logo.png
HBO Zone
Launched on May 6, 1999,HBO Zone airs movies and HBO original programs aimed at young adults between the ages of 18 to 34 years old. It was also the only HBO channel that broadcasts softcore pornographic programming, featuring adult-oriented movies similar to those seen on sister network Cinemax’s Max After Dark block on most days in late-night. Max After Dark was ceased in late 2013.

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