How Roger Federer Avoiding injury – Key thing to do

Ahead of the US Open 2019, 20 Time Grand Slam winner Roger Federer reveals that how they avoid serious injury. He said that Sleep is the crucial factor to avoid injury.

Federer also mentioned that Having enough sleep will bring a beautiful Feeling and this is the key for avoiding injury.

And clearly, Federer, who has won over $126million (£102.9m) in career prize money, has been getting his eight hours in regularly.

Federer Most serious injury which comes way back in 2016 when he needed surgery on his knee after an accident as he made a bath with his kids. He bounced back well and win three grand slam titles in recent five competitions.

“Sleep is really important,” Federer said.

“When you get enough sleep, you wake with all this energy, and that’s a beautiful feeling.

“Sleep deprivation is the worst. It makes you cranky. Next thing you know, you’re sick or injured.”

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