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Here Are All The Must and Must Not Do Things for Cricket Betting

As sports have become more and more exciting and heart rending, betting on them has kept pace with them, and has become even more interesting. Betting is not an exact science, and for all intents and purposes, it is impossible to reduce it to a few objectives, as much as you want it to be. Thus, there are no hard and fast rules to betting, and each person has different policies to apply yo himself or herself when he or she wants to bet on a sport. Moreover, cricket is unpredictable, and often to the dismay of fans and punters alike, leads to unexpected outcomes. Moreover, external factors like the weather on that day, pitch quality, which player sits out etc. affect the outcomes of the game, and these obviously can never be predicted accurately beforehand. Thus betting, although an art, is subjective.

That said, we do think there’s a few things one can safely do and a few others one should never do, in order to achieve the best outcomes from betting.

The Must Do Things:

Here is your to do list:

1)     Research:

Just like most other aspects of online presence, research into it makes it better. The best resources as such for staying up to date with regards to games, fields, players, teams, etc. are undoubtedly Twitter and Cricinfo. Spending your time researching deeply into upcoming bets automatically improves your chances of winning your next bet. It goes without saying that research prevents one from making fatal blinding errors that might otherwise penalise your chances of betting in the right places and even help you decide whether to bet at all.

However, it is important to not guilt trip yourself if your time for research falls short, considering one has a life to lead. There is no correct amount of research and it is relative. Therefore, any research you do, even if its glancing through one single webpage for 5 mins is bound to make you rethink your opinions.

A judicious way to use limited time to research is to have a structure to follow while researching. This means keeping a few key websites in mind, or having only certain things about games like pitches, players etc. that you research on, and not the entire game.

Finally, several sites offer odds of winning for a team in the upcoming match. A glance through few of these sites gives you a concrete idea on who to bet on.

2)     Create a List of Bookmakers:

A big flaw that punters often commit is investing in a single bookmaker and sticking to them for all their future bets. However, this move not only restricts the access to some opportune markets, but also implies that the restrictions of coverage that apply to that bookmaker also transcend to your betting outcomes. Since cricket isn’t as accurately covered as some other games like football, it becomes vital to not bank on a single bookmaker for your betting needs.

Since different bookmakers invest in different sorts of markets, having a portfolio of several bookmakers, and having account in most, if not all of them helps to mitigate these problems, as well as improve your odds of success. By having multiple betting accounts, you can jump between bookmakers easily to make sure you get the best price. For one such good bookmaker that covers several key markets, visit for cricket odds.

The Must Not Do Things:

Here are the things one should avoid:

1)     Avoid Getting Worked up on Losses:

Losses are a part and part of the betting experience, and it is important to not be affected by them too much. Much like India’s loss in the Women’s Cricket World Cup 2020, it’s important to see the reason behind why you lost, and remedy the same the next time, or at least avoid making similar blunders that lead you to loss, it is still important to not try to recover from them. Something that a lot of novice punters do is bet double in the next game in order to recover their previous losses. However, realise that betting odds are still a 50-50, and if you lose, you end up losing even more money. This traps punters in a constant cycle of trying to recover from losses that they never get out of, and thus end up losing more money than they make through betting.

2)     Lose your Focus:

As vague as this tip may sound, it’s more important than you might think of. Everyone has individual reasons to bet, and it’s important to stick to these reasons. Multiple losses often disorient people or pull them into a domino of bad betting decisions, where they keep losing money. If you see yourself falling into this cycle, it is important to stop, give yourself a break and start afresh when you can.

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