France vs Switzerland Head to Head, Who win Most, H2H Stats

Since 1905 France and Switzerland team face to each other in the Football history of 38 occasion. Looking to Head to head stats France winning the battle against Switzerland as they won the 16 games out of 38 matches while they loss to 12 games and the remaining 10 matches ended as draw.

Games won by France:16
Games drawn:10
Games Won by Switzerland:12

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France vs Switzerland Head to Head

12 Feb 1905France v SwitzerlandW1-0International Friendly
08 Mar 1908Switzerland v FranceW1-2International Friendly
23 Apr 1911Switzerland v FranceL5-2International Friendly
18 Feb 1912France v SwitzerlandW4-1International Friendly
09 Mar 1913Switzerland v FranceW1-4International Friendly
08 Mar 1914France v SwitzerlandD2-2International Friendly
29 Feb 1920Switzerland v FranceW0-2International Friendly
22 Apr 1923France v SwitzerlandD2-2International Friendly
23 Mar 1924Switzerland v FranceL3-0International Friendly
25 Apr 1926France v SwitzerlandW1-0International Friendly
11 Mar 1928Switzerland v FranceL4-3International Friendly
23 Mar 1930France v SwitzerlandD3-3International Friendly
20 Mar 1932Switzerland v FranceD3-3International Friendly
11 Mar 1934France v SwitzerlandL0-1International Friendly
27 Oct 1935Switzerland v FranceL2-1International Friendly
10 Oct 1937France v SwitzerlandW2-1International Friendly
08 Mar 1942France v SwitzerlandL0-2International Friendly
08 Apr 1945Switzerland v FranceL1-0International Friendly
08 Jun 1947Switzerland v FranceW1-2International Friendly
04 Jun 1949France v SwitzerlandW4-2International Friendly
14 Oct 1951Switzerland v FranceW1-2International Friendly
11 Nov 1953France v SwitzerlandL2-4International Friendly
09 Oct 1955Switzerland v FranceW1-2International Friendly
16 Apr 1958France v SwitzerlandD0-0International Friendly
12 Oct 1960Switzerland v FranceL6-2International Friendly
11 Nov 1963France v SwitzerlandD2-2International Friendly
03 May 1970Switzerland v FranceL2-1International Friendly
23 Apr 1977Switzerland v FranceW0-4International Friendly
19 Aug 1986Switzerland v FranceL2-0International Friendly
02 Feb 1988France v SwitzerlandW2-1Four Nations Tournament
27 May 1992Switzerland v FranceL2-1International Friendly
20 Aug 2003Switzerland v FranceW0-2International Friendly
21 Jun 2004Switzerland v FranceW1-3UEFA European Championship
26 Mar 2005France v SwitzerlandD0-0FIFA World Cup
08 Oct 2005Switzerland v FranceD1-1FIFA World Cup
13 Jun 2006France v SwitzerlandD0-0FIFA World Cup
20 Jun 2014Switzerland v FranceW2-5FIFA World Cup
19 Jun 2016Switzerland v FranceD0-0UEFA European Championship
28 Jun 2021France v SwitzerlandUEFA European Championship

First Meeting

France and Switzerland facing to each other in the first time in international friendly on 12 february 1905 which to won by France with 1-0 score.

Last Meeting

In the most recently battle between this two side in 19 June 2016 in Euro Championship which to be ended as a draw with 0-0 score.

Next Meeting

Both Side France and Switzerland meet to each other in Euro 2021 Round of 16 Fixtures on 28 June.

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