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Ferran Torres to sign Man City contract with 5 Years (2020-25)

Ferran Torres Sign 5 Year Contract Deal with Manchester City 2020 25

David Silva’s contract with Manchester City expires in 2020 and the club is looking for another midfielder and winger to replace him. Ferran Torres, Valencia winger, in the light of Man City’s transfer. Now, on 4 August, it has been confirmed that Torres has signed a new contract with the English club from the Premier League. Ferran Torres has signed a five-year contract with Manchester City for 2020.

The 20-year-old winger who made his team debut (Valencia B) in 2016. The Valencia club joined in 2017, football news sources reported that Torres (£ 15,000) received a weekly salary at the club. He played three seasons and scored 6 goals in 71 matches. If the data based on the reported weekly salary (TSM Sportz) is correct, he makes it every year (£ 720,000).

Ferran Torres Sign 5 Year Contract Deal with Manchester City 2020 25

Manchester City have reportedly paid € 23 million for their transfer deal. In 2019, the market value of the broadcast carried over (39 million euros) then in July 2020, the market value would increase (45 million euros). He signed a five-year contract with the club, a new £ 12.25 million contract with Manchester City, including signing bonuses, goal bonuses and game bonuses. Manchester City paid (€ 32 million) to Gabriel Jesus when he was 20 years old. His deal with the club worth £ 4.32 million in weekly overpayments (£ 90,000) was reported in 2018.

Information based on Ferran Torres’ contract expires with Manchester City in 2020 and comes from reliable sources. He will win an estimated base salary of up to £ 2.45 million. Manchester City currently has the third most expensive wage account in the league (£ 260 million).

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