England vs Germany Head to Head Stats, Who will Most Battle

Battle of England and Germany are always vital as two strong team. Since the first meeting in 10 May 1930 Germany vs England both side meet to each other 32 occasions. If we look at the result then England won 13 matches while Germany succeed to beat England side 15 occasion and 4 games ended a draw between this two side in the football history.

Games won:13
Games drawn:4
Games lost:15

England vs Germany Head to Head – All Match Results

10 May 1930Germany v EnglandD3-3International Friendly
04 Dec 1935England v GermanyW3-0International Friendly
14 May 1938Germany v EnglandW3-6International Friendly
01 Dec 1954England v West GermanyW3-1International Friendly
26 May 1956Germany v EnglandW1-3International Friendly
12 May 1965West Germany v EnglandW0-1International Friendly
23 Feb 1966England v West GermanyW1-0International Friendly
30 Jul 1966England v GermanyW4-2FIFA World Cup
01 Jun 1968West Germany v EnglandL1-0International Friendly
14 Jun 1970Germany v EnglandL3-2FIFA World Cup
29 Apr 1972England v GermanyL1-3UEFA European Championship
13 May 1972Germany v EnglandD0-0UEFA European Championship
12 Mar 1975England v West GermanyW2-0International Friendly
22 Feb 1978West Germany v EnglandL2-1International Friendly
29 Jun 1982England v GermanyD0-0FIFA World Cup
13 Oct 1982England v West GermanyL1-2International Friendly
12 Jun 1985England v West GermanyW3-0City Tournament
09 Sep 1987West Germany v EnglandL3-1International Friendly
04 Jul 1990Germany v EnglandL1-1FIFA World Cup
11 Sep 1991England v GermanyL0-1International Friendly
19 Jun 1993England v GermanyL1-2US Cup
26 Jun 1996England v GermanyL1-1UEFA European Championship
17 Jun 2000England v GermanyW1-0UEFA European Championship
07 Oct 2000England v GermanyL0-1FIFA World Cup
01 Sep 2001Germany v EnglandW1-5FIFA World Cup
22 Aug 2007England v GermanyL1-2International Friendly
19 Nov 2008Germany v EnglandW1-2International Friendly
27 Jun 2010Germany v EnglandL4-1FIFA World Cup
19 Nov 2013England v GermanyL0-1International Friendly
26 Mar 2016Germany v EnglandW2-3International Friendly
22 Mar 2017Germany v EnglandL1-0International Friendly
10 Nov 2017England v GermanyD0-0International Friendly
29 Jun 2021England v GermanyUEFA European Championship

First Meeting

Both team first time meet in 1930 in the international friendly games which was ended a draw of 3-3 score.

Last Meeting

In the Most Recent Battle of England and Germany happen in international friendly fixtures on 10 November 2017 which to be ended a draw with score of 0-0.

Upcoming Battle

England and Germany Face to Each other in upcoming Euro round of 16 Fixtures on 29 June.

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