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Crystal Palace vs Brentford Head to Head Stats, Who win Most Games

Two of the Premier League Teams of Crystal Palace and Brentford have been battle out each other till date in the various football league in 38 Time and from them, both team performances are good as Crystal Palace succeed to beat their opponent side Brentford 17 occasion while Brentford wins the 14 games against them and 7 matches ended a draw.

Crystal Palace Games won:17
Games drawn:7
Brentford Games won:14

Head to Head Stats

23 Feb 1907Crystal Palace v BrentfordD2-2FA Cup
27 Feb 1907Brentford v Crystal PalaceL0-1FA Cup
13 Jan 1912Brentford v Crystal PalaceD0-0FA Cup
17 Jan 1912Crystal Palace v BrentfordL4-0FA Cup
25 Sep 1920Brentford v Crystal PalaceL0-4Division Three (South)
02 Oct 1920Crystal Palace v BrentfordL4-2Division Three (South)
03 Oct 1925Crystal Palace v BrentfordL2-0Division Three (South)
13 Feb 1926Brentford v Crystal PalaceW3-2Division Three (South)
16 Oct 1926Crystal Palace v BrentfordL4-3Division Three (South)
05 Mar 1927Brentford v Crystal PalaceW3-0Division Three (South)
01 Oct 1927Crystal Palace v BrentfordW0-2Division Three (South)
11 Feb 1928Brentford v Crystal PalaceW2-1Division Three (South)
17 Nov 1928Crystal Palace v BrentfordL1-0Division Three (South)
30 Mar 1929Brentford v Crystal PalaceL2-4Division Three (South)
02 Nov 1929Crystal Palace v BrentfordL2-1Division Three (South)
08 Mar 1930Brentford v Crystal PalaceW2-0Division Three (South)
25 Dec 1930Brentford v Crystal PalaceW8-2Division Three (South)
26 Dec 1930Crystal Palace v BrentfordL5-1Division Three (South)
13 Apr 1932Brentford v Crystal PalaceD1-1Division Three (South)
23 Apr 1932Crystal Palace v BrentfordL1-0Division Three (South)
29 Oct 1932Brentford v Crystal PalaceW2-0Division Three (South)
11 Mar 1933Crystal Palace v BrentfordL2-1Division Three (South)
09 Apr 1955Brentford v Crystal PalaceW3-0Division Three (South)
27 Apr 1955Crystal Palace v BrentfordD1-1Division Three (South)
15 Oct 1955Brentford v Crystal PalaceW3-0Division Three (South)
25 Feb 1956Crystal Palace v BrentfordW0-2Division Three (South)
20 Oct 1956Brentford v Crystal PalaceD1-1Division Three (South)
08 Dec 1956Brentford v Crystal PalaceD1-1FA Cup
12 Dec 1956Crystal Palace v BrentfordL3-2FA Cup
02 Mar 1957Crystal Palace v BrentfordW0-2Division Three (South)
25 Dec 1957Brentford v Crystal PalaceL0-3Division Three (South)
26 Dec 1957Crystal Palace v BrentfordL2-1Division Three (South)
27 Jan 1962Crystal Palace v BrentfordD2-2League Division Three
13 Apr 1962Brentford v Crystal PalaceW4-2League Division Three
07 Sep 1963Brentford v Crystal PalaceW2-1League Division Three
11 Jan 1964Crystal Palace v BrentfordL1-0League Division Three
13 Aug 1977Brentford v Crystal PalaceW2-1League Cup
16 Aug 1977Crystal Palace v BrentfordL5-1League Cup

First Meeting

Both teams First time meet in the FA Cup fixtures on 23 February 1907 and on that time Draw the match by 2-2 score.

Most Recent Meeting

On the League cup both team Crystal Palace and Brentford facing each other on 16 August 1977 and that time Crystal Palace succeed to beat Brentford with score of 5-1.

Upcoming Meeting

In the Premier League 2021-22 Season, Crystal Palace takes on Brentford on 21st August.

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