Countries Where Six Nations 2024 is available for Free (TV Guide)

The Six Nations Championship is one of the most eagerly awaited sporting events of the year. With teams from all over Europe and beyond, it’s a great way to show international unity and celebrate the best of rugby. But not everyone can afford tickets or has access to watch their favorite teams in action. Fortunately, there are many countries around the world that are making the Six Nations 2024 available for free. In this blog article, we’ll take a look at these countries and how you can watch the tournament without breaking your bank. So if you’re an avid fan of rugby, read on as we explore some of the top countries where you can tune in and enjoy the game!

UK – BBC iPlayer & ITVX

If you’re looking to watch the Six Nations rugby tournament for free, then your best bet is to head to the UK. Both BBC iPlayer and ITVX will be showing all of the matches live, and they’re both free to use.

BBC iPlayer is a streaming service that’s available on a wide range of devices, including smart TVs, phones, and tablets. You can also watch it on your computer via the website. To watch BBC iPlayer, you’ll need a UK TV license.

ITVX is an online service that allows you to watch ITV programming live or on demand. It’s available on a number of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. You can also watch it on your TV if you have a compatible set-top box. ITVX is free to use and doesn’t require a TV license.

Wales – S4C

Wales’ public broadcaster, S4C, offers free coverage of the Six Nations rugby tournament. Coverage is available on both TV and online.

S4C is the only place to watch live Welsh-language commentary of the Six Nations. If you’re not a fluent Welsh speaker, don’t worry – there are English subtitles available.

To watch online, head to the S4C website or download the S4C app. You can also watch S4C on demand, so you never have to miss a match.

So there you have it – with S4C, you can enjoy all the action of the Six Nations without spending a penny. Why not give it a try?

France – France TV

France TV is the French public television channel provide six nations coverage free to their user. It is available for free in France. France TV offers a wide variety of programming, including news, sports, children’s programming, and entertainment.

Ireland – RTE

The Irish public broadcaster, RTE, offers free coverage of the Six Nations tournament to fans in Ireland. RTE provides live streaming of all matches through its website and mobile app, as well as highlights packages and match analysis.

RTE’s coverage of the Six Nations is unrivalled in Ireland, and fans can expect expert analysis, opinion and insight throughout the tournament.

How can I watch the Six Nations Championship?

There are many ways to watch the Six Nations Championship. You can find a full list of countries and territories that offer live streaming here. In most cases, you will need to sign up for a subscription with a provider in order to access their live stream. However, there are some free options available in certain countries.

In the United Kingdom, for example, the BBC offers live streaming of all Six Nations matches through its iPlayer service. This is available to anyone with a valid UK TV license. In Ireland, both RTÉ and TV3 offer free live streaming of matches through their websites.

For viewers in other countries, options may be more limited. Some broadcasters, such as NBC Sports in the United States, charge for access to their live streams. Others, such as France Télévisions in France, offer free live streaming but only for viewers within their country’s borders.

FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions 

Is Six Nations available for free?

Yes, Six Nations is available for free in many countries. You can find a list of these countries here on this article.

How can I watch Six Nations matches for free?

There are several ways to watch Six Nations matches for free. You can find a list of these methods below.
BBC iPlayer – ITVX (UK Countries)
France TV (France Countries)
RTE Player (Ireland Countries)

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