Canada Rugby Team looking to Grab Olympic Medal in Tokyo

Preparation for the Rugby Sevents at Tokyo Games 2021 is in full swing for all country and as specially for the Canada team. Captain of Canada Rugby sevens Nathan Hirayama told world rugby about his heartache over the qualifying campaign for rio 2016. Hirayama is one of the most experienced heads in the squad today and has high hopes for their team.

Canada is set to travel to Tokyo with hope.  “I’m always an optimist myself, we can do it,” says Paul.

“I’ve got a really good, experienced team. They know a lot of those teams on the World Series inside and out.

“I don’t think there’s any teams around the world that wouldn’t want to have one or two of our players in their team because they’ve shown time and time again they’re world class.

“We want consistency from our squad across across the board, and we’ve got a few young guys in the squad as well that are challenging some of the older heads and just putting them on notice, which is really nice.

“You need competition and you need guys to be looking over their shoulder.”

Hirayama, the team captain added: “The goal for all [competing nations] is to medal, and I think we all feel like we have an opportunity to, [because of] the nature of the game and things that have happened.

“In one-off tournaments, you just never know what’s going to happen. So, that’s where our mindset is at and definitely [the] things we talk about are putting ourselves in a position to do that.”

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