Brentford vs Tottenham Head to Head Stats, Who win Most Games

Both of the Premier League Teams of Brentford and Tottenham have been battle out each other till date in the various football league in 43 Time and from them, Brerntford win 6 Games while 24 occasion Tottenham succeed to victory and remaining 13 Matches ended a draw.

Brentford Games won:6
Games drawn:13
Tottenham Won:24

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Head to Head Stats

15 Mar 1902Brentford v Tottenham HotspurW2-1Southern League
26 Apr 1902Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL3-0Southern League
06 Oct 1902Brentford v Tottenham HotspurL1-5London League
18 Oct 1902Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL3-1Southern League
12 Jan 1903Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL1-0London League
31 Jan 1903Brentford v Tottenham HotspurD1-1Southern League
09 Mar 1903Brentford v Tottenham HotspurD0-0Western League
26 Mar 1903Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL4-0Western League
14 Sep 1903Brentford v Tottenham HotspurD0-0Southern League
02 Nov 1903Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordD1-1Western League
16 Nov 1903Brentford v Tottenham HotspurL0-2London League
11 Jan 1904Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL2-1London League
12 Mar 1904Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordD1-1Southern League
28 Mar 1904Brentford v Tottenham HotspurL1-2Western League
29 Oct 1904Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordD1-1Southern League
25 Feb 1905Brentford v Tottenham HotspurD0-0Southern League
03 Apr 1905Brentford v Tottenham HotspurW2-0Western League
11 Apr 1905Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordD0-0Western League
13 Nov 1905Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordW2-3Western League
02 Dec 1905Brentford v Tottenham HotspurL0-3Southern League
26 Feb 1906Brentford v Tottenham HotspurL0-1Western League
07 Apr 1906Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL4-1Southern League
13 Oct 1906Brentford v Tottenham HotspurD2-2Southern League
16 Feb 1907Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL2-1Southern League
16 Nov 1907Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL1-0Southern League
14 Mar 1908Brentford v Tottenham HotspurW3-0Southern League
07 Jan 1922Brentford v Tottenham HotspurL0-2FA Cup
05 Jan 1946Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordD2-2FA Cup
10 Jan 1946Brentford v Tottenham HotspurW2-0FA Cup
01 Nov 1947Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL4-0League Division Two
20 Mar 1948Brentford v Tottenham HotspurW2-0League Division Two
15 Apr 1949Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL2-0League Division Two
18 Apr 1949Brentford v Tottenham HotspurD1-1League Division Two
20 Aug 1949Brentford v Tottenham HotspurL1-4League Division Two
17 Dec 1949Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordD1-1League Division Two
21 Sep 1992Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL3-1League Cup
07 Oct 1992Brentford v Tottenham HotspurL2-4League Cup
15 Sep 1998Brentford v Tottenham HotspurL2-3League Cup
23 Sep 1998Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL3-2League Cup
19 Sep 2000Brentford v Tottenham HotspurD0-0League Cup
26 Sep 2000Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL2-0League Cup
05 Jan 2021Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL2-0League Cup
02 Dec 2021Tottenham Hotspur v BrentfordL2-0Premier League

First Meeting

Both teams First time meet in the Southern League fixture on 15 March 1902 and on that time Brentford Win the Game with 2-1 score Match ended.

Most Recent Meeting

On the Premier League both team Brentford and Tottenham facing each other on Most recently on 2 December 2021 and that time Tottenham Win The Game With 2-0 Score.

Upcoming Meeting

In the Premier League 2022 Season, Brentford takes on Tottenham on 23 April 2022.

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