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Argentina vs Bolivia Head to Head – Who win Most Battle in History

Argentina vs bolivia battle

Since 1926 Argentina and Bolivia take to each other in the football history of 40 occasions and looking to result then Argentina dominating the game as they won 28 times while Bolivia only succeeds to 7 occasions to beat Argentina and the remaining 5 games ended a draw.

Games won by Argentina:28
Games drawn:5
Games Won by bolivia:7

Head to Head stats

16 Oct 1926Argentina v BoliviaW5-0Copa America
30 Oct 1927Argentina v BoliviaW7-1Copa America
18 Jan 1945Argentina v BoliviaW4-0Copa America
19 Jan 1946Argentina v BoliviaW7-1Copa America
04 Dec 1947Argentina v BoliviaW7-0Copa America
06 Oct 1957Bolivia v ArgentinaL2-0FIFA World Cup
27 Oct 1957Argentina v BoliviaW4-0FIFA World Cup
11 Mar 1959Argentina v BoliviaW2-0Copa America
28 Mar 1963Bolivia v ArgentinaL3-2Copa America
17 Aug 1965Argentina v BoliviaW4-1FIFA World Cup
29 Aug 1965Bolivia v ArgentinaW1-2FIFA World Cup
22 Jan 1967Argentina v BoliviaW1-0Copa America
27 Jul 1969Bolivia v ArgentinaL3-1FIFA World Cup
24 Aug 1969Argentina v BoliviaW1-0FIFA World Cup
09 Sep 1973Argentina v BoliviaW4-0FIFA World Cup
23 Sep 1973Bolivia v ArgentinaW0-1FIFA World Cup
20 Jun 1975Bolivia v ArgentinaW1-2Copa Cornelio Saavedra
27 Jun 1975Argentina v BoliviaW2-1International Friendly
18 Jul 1979Bolivia v ArgentinaL2-1Copa America
08 Aug 1979Argentina v BoliviaW3-0Copa America
10 Jul 1989Argentina v BoliviaD0-0Copa America
17 Jun 1993Argentina v BoliviaW1-0Copa America
08 Jul 1995Argentina v BoliviaW2-1Copa America
24 Apr 1996Argentina v BoliviaW3-1FIFA World Cup
02 Apr 1997Bolivia v ArgentinaL2-1FIFA World Cup
04 Jun 2000Argentina v BoliviaW1-0FIFA World Cup
25 Apr 2001Bolivia v ArgentinaD3-3FIFA World Cup
15 Nov 2003Argentina v BoliviaW3-0FIFA World Cup
26 Mar 2005Bolivia v ArgentinaW1-2FIFA World Cup
17 Nov 2007Argentina v BoliviaW3-0FIFA World Cup
01 Apr 2009Bolivia v ArgentinaL6-1FIFA World Cup
01 Jul 2011Argentina v BoliviaD1-1Copa America
11 Nov 2011Argentina v BoliviaD1-1FIFA World Cup
26 Mar 2013Bolivia v ArgentinaD1-1FIFA World Cup
06 Jun 2015Argentina v BoliviaW5-0International Friendly
04 Sep 2015Argentina v BoliviaW7-0International Friendly
29 Mar 2016Argentina v BoliviaW2-0FIFA World Cup
14 Jun 2016Bolivia v ArgentinaW0-3Copa America
28 Mar 2017Bolivia v ArgentinaL2-0FIFA World Cup
30 Jun 2020Bolivia v ArgentinaCopa America
13 Oct 2020Bolivia v ArgentinaW1-2FIFA World Cup
28 Jun 2021Argentina v BoliviaCopa America

First Meeting

Argentina beat the Bolivia with 5-0 score in the first meeting in 1926 in copa america events.

Last Meeting

Both Argentina and Bolivia face to each other most recently in the Fifa world cup qualifier fixtures and on that time Argentina beat Bolivia with 2-1 score.

Next Meeting

Argentina takes on Bolivia in Copa america Fixtures next on 28 June.

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