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2026 Winter Olympic games to be host by Italy

Milan-Cortina is announced the host of the winter olympic games 2019. Earlier Italy who hosted two winter olympics in 1956 and 2006. In Host bidding Milan receive 47 votes from the 82 votes while 34 to stockholm.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting which to be place to determine the host city of 2026 Olympic Games and it’s awarded to Italy country.

Upcoming Winter olympic games are schedule to playued in 2022 at China’s Beijing from the 4-20 February. while 2026 Olympics to be played from 6-22 February.

“We are proud of this great result,” Giuseppe Conte, Italy’s prime minister, wrote on Twitter minutes after the announcement. “Italy has won, an entire country that worked united and compact with the ambition to realize and offer the world a ‘memorable’ sports event.”


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